Storage unit theft in Pasadena caught on video

Investigators say thieves stole items totaling tens of thousands of dollars

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PASADENA, Texas - Police hope surveillance video will help them identify two men seen stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of valuables from Crenshaw Storage in Pasadena.

According to Houston police, it happened Dec. 1 around 7 a.m. The footage appears to show the getaway. A man can be seen cutting the chain that holds the automatic exit gate closed. 

With the gate manually opened, a black four-door pickup truck, possibly a Nissan Titan, is seen driving away with the bed full of stolen valuables. 

Video shows a 14 foot enclosed trailer carrying two all-terrain vehicles in tow. The owner estimates the cost of the trailer and ATV at about $20,000. 

"They actually came in by tailgating another tenant through the gate," said storage manager Mike Brashear. "They just backed up to (the trailer), hooked up to it and drove it off. They also took compressors, a table saw, a generator and some tools."

Brashear said that it took the burglars only about 40 minutes to cut the locks on six storage sheds and make off with the stolen goods.

Nine days would pass before the first tenant noticed he'd been robbed.

"All I saw was my lock hanging on the opposite side," said Reyes Rodriguez. "I can tell it was broken into." 

According to Rodriguez, the burglars took an $800 motor from his storage shed.

"That motor was supposed to be for an air compressor that I got," said Rodriguez. "It's real sad to see people steal things, especially when you work for it."

The owner of Crenshaw Storage is offering a $1,000 dollar reward for anyone who can help track down the burglars.

Anyone with information can contact Houston Police's Burglary and Theft Division at (713) 308-0900.

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