Stolen puppy to be reunited with owners

Puppy found 1 month later

HOUSTON - The Barthlowe's were in Houston for a funeral at the beginning of April when they stopped at CVS. While in the pharmacy, their car was stolen with their dog, Honey, inside.

"It is a nightmare to think you cant stop in front of a CVS and feel comfortable to run inside and leave a little dog with the motor running without it being stolen," said Geraldine, one of the dog's owners.

After days of searching for Honey, the Barthlowe's had to return home to Tallahassee without their dog. 

After Local 2 featured their heartwrenching story, emails and calls came pouring in from concerned viewers wanting to help.

A glimmer of hope came Wednesday when a woman called and said she had found their dog.

Local 2 spoke to Geraldine to find out what she thought of the remarkable ending to a seemingly hopeless story.

You can see that Honey recognizes Geraldine's voice and even licks the phone when she hears her talking.

"Hey Honey, do you miss your momma and daddy, we miss you darling and it wont be long until we get together," says Geraldine.

Honey is expected to be reunited with her parents Tuesday.

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