Stolen cellphones tracked with GPS

Cellphones stolen from truck, tracked to neighborhood

HOUSTON - A League City family returned from the movies Saturday to find their belongings, including two cellphones, had been stolen from their truck. They used the GPS technology in those phones to track them down.

"The cellphones had been taken, some deposits that had been in the truck were taken and possibly a credit card," said Sonya Kluever.

But Kluever quickly learned the cellphones were equipped with a GPS system called Family Map. The program allowed her to track the location of her stolen phones.

"When I saw it, I was excited. I was like wow, I can see where these people are moving. I know where they are. They got my phone," said Kluever.

According to Kluever, for the next three hours, she followed the cellphone signal as it went to eight different addresses. The signal finally stopped at a mobile home park on Gulf Bank in north Houston.

"It wasn't about the cellphones, it was about catching these people," said Kluever.

However, police were not able to make an arrest, because the GPS signal was off by a few doors.

Webster police said tracking systems like Family Map are helpful to their investigations, however, they do not advise trying to track down and confront suspected cellphone crooks on your own.

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