Stepmom of abuse victim Jordan Bleimeyer will not get custody of her biological kids

HOUSTON - A woman at the center of a troubling child abuse case involving her 5-year-old stepson learned Tuesday that she will not get custody of her six biological children.

Tammi Bleimeyer appeared disappointed and refused to comment as she left the courtroom. She spent more than two hours answering questions from attorneys and a judge in an effort to prove she is a fit mother.

The questions centered around the case of her stepson, 5-year-old Jordan Bleimeyer, who was found last month severely malnourished and weighing just 29 pounds. Investigators say his father, Bradley Bleimeyer, and Tammi locked him inside a closet under the stairs. Both Tammi and Bradley Bleimeyer are charged with child endangerment.

Tammi testified that Jordan appeared happy and healthy whenever she saw him.

The judge ruled that Tammi's biological children will stay in CPS custody for the immediate future. However, her two ex-husbands will be allowed to visit the children once DNA testing is completed to confirm their paternity.

Jordan was released from the hospital last Friday. He is living with his great aunt. His biological mother, Windy Hall, will have access to him. CPS is requiring Hall and her fiancé to undergo random drug testing and attend parenting classes.

The judge's ruling for Jordan's custody is for the next 45 days. On May 19, they will meet again for another hearing to discuss how the arrangement has been working.

Local 2 has teamed up with Be a Resource for CPS Kids or the BEAR program to help Jordan, and other abused children. There are drop-off sites all over the area. Click here to find out how you can help.

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