Stepfather of boy testifies against woman accused of killing him

HOUSTON - Dramatic testimony Friday in the case of a murdered 12-year-old boy.  That child's stepfather took the stand, testifying against the woman who is accused of killing the child.

Jonathan Foster's stepfather, David Davis, went back on the stand Friday morning to admit he told police his stepson was a "crybaby" who he was tired of "babysitting," three days after the boy disappeared.
The defense claims Davis had motive to harm the boy because he felt Jonathan had come between him and his wife.

But prosecutors say a video recording and cell phone records that show Davis was at a bar during the time the boy was kidnapped and killed.

A neighbor, Isador Carrillo, testified earlier that day, he saw Davis pull up to the apartment where the boy was home alone. Carrillo said Davis drove off alone about 20 minutes later.

But an hour later, another vehicle, Mona Nelson's gray pickup truck, pulled into the driveway. Carrillo later picked Nelson out of a lineup as the driver. He said she stayed about half an hour before driving off.

Nelson covered her nose and mouth as prosecutors rolled out pieces of burned carpet in court that they contend connect her to the murder. It matches carpet found on the boy's body. The carpet scraps were found in a trash can at Nelson's home, along with a item belonging to the boy that had Nelson's blood on it.

Prosecutors contend Nelson kidnapped and killed the boy, then burned his body before dumping it in a ditch about five miles away.

Sergeant Roger Chapel testified he questioned Nelson about how the carpet ended up in her trash. Nelson's attorney's fought hard to keep her answers from being allowed into evidence, but they were overruled by the judge.

"Once her confession comes in, it's no longer circumstantial evidence. Once her confession comes in she's going to be convicted based on her own words, her own testimony, her own admission," said Brian Wice, Local 2 Legal Analyst.

Testimony resumes Monday morning at 10am. Prosecutors are expected to present a videotape they're calling a key piece of evidence in their case against Nelson.

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