State senator asks high school to change its mascot

Lamar High School's mascot deemed offensive to some

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor , John Whalen

HOUSTON - A state senator is asking a local high school to change their mascot, calling it offensive.

Senator Rodney Ellis (D) sent the Houston Independent School District a letter asking that they change the Lamar Mascot and any others deemed derogatory.

Lamar High School's mascot is the Redskins and features an Indian wearing a traditional feather headdress.

Ellis said in his letter that he's recently met with Native American leaders who expressed concern over Lamar's mascot. 

"I think when the mascot was developed, it was politically acceptable," Ellis said. "It may have even been appropriate at the time. Things change."

But not everyone agrees. Some students and former students want to keep the mascot the Redskins.

"Knowing the Redskins are a warrior, our pride and our dedication, it's history," said Demonte Jackson, who is a student at the school.

Ellis said he hopes to change the mascot to a positive reflection of the Lamar community.

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