State Sen. Wendy Davis in Houston to talk education, open carry law

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Wendy Davis

HOUSTON - State Sen. Wendy Davis, a Democratic candidate for Texas governor, visited Houston on Wednesday to talk about some of her education reform proposals.

She visited the Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center in southwest Houston to unveil a proposal to extend a state-funded pre-kindergarten program to a full day and to all eligible children.

Senator Davis also talked about where she stands on gun control.

Last week, the Democrat revealed that she's in support of a proposed open carry law, that would allow people with concealed handgun licenses to wear a pistol on their hip, in full view, while in public.

"While we in Texas are a state that respects and values the second amendment tremendously, we are also a state the respects the value of private property and its voice in these decisions," Davis said.

Davis' position now aligns her with her Republican gubernatorial rival, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, marking her latest effort to eliminate it as a wedge issue in the campaign.

Davis also touched on her thoughts about medical marijuana use.

In a recent interview, Davis said she supports medical marijuana use, as well easing the state's legal consequences for possessing small amounts of the drug.

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