Spring man saves woman from burning car in Harris County crash

5-car crash leaves 1 person dead, 3 others hospitalized

By Bill Spencer - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - It's instinctual: Most people run away from fire as fast as they can. Instead, 27-year-old Chris Young, of Spring, ran as fast as he could toward an overturned Jeep that was engulfed in flames early Sunday morning.

Trapped underneath the SUV was a woman pinned below the crumpled steel of her vehicle. She was screaming for help. That was all Young needed to hear.

"She was yelling, 'Please help me, please get me out of here, please!'" Young said.

Young was driving westbound on FM 1960 at Farrell Road when he drove up on the scene of a five-car pile-up. Without even thinking about the danger, Young ran toward the sound of that woman's voice along with another unidentified man.

When they reached her car, Young said the vehicle was engulfed in flames.

"I mean there was fire everywhere -- flames shooting up and covering the top part of the car, so we reaching underneath it trying to grab her arms and pull her out. The heat was unbearable, and I could feel the flames burning my face," Young said.

Finally, Young said they were able to pull that woman free and drag her across the road to safety. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

A woman in another car died at the scene. Two other people were also injured and taken to a local hospital.

The Precinct 4 Constables Office is investigating this multiple-car accident.

Young, who hopes to become a firefighter, is just glad his efforts paid off and the woman he rescued survived.

"It feels good to know she'll be alright because she could have burned to death under that car," Young said.

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