Spotlight shines on 5-year-old hero

MISSOURI CITY, Texas - A 5-year-old girl was recognized by firefighters Monday for helping rescue her grandmother from danger.

Samantha White's grandmother, Renee Brown, was trying to hang a swing in a tall tree in her backyard when the ladder she was standing on broke. She had no choice but to cling to a limb as little Samantha watched from the ground.

"I had my arms wrapped around the limb," said Brown. "I was close to 25 feet up. I couldn't make the jump."

Instead of panicking, Samantha jumped into action. The girl said she ran inside the house to dial 911. As firefighters pulled onto their street, Samantha flagged them down.

"I waved my hands to know which house was right," said Samantha.

In addition to her exciting ride, Samantha received a "kid hero" award from firefighters and 911 dispatch in front of Missouri City Council.

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