South Houston man says teens attacked his apartment

Windows shattered during attack Tuesday night

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas - A father in South Houston said a group of teens attacked his family's apartment Tuesday night.

Frank Mitchell called police after he claims a 17-year-old neighbor and his friends shot pellets at his apartment shattering their windows.

Witnesses said they saw three teens running from the scene.

"We heard it from the playground," neighbor Vanessa Del Valle said. "We were right there, so we (went) to make sure their family was OK."

Nobody was injured but Mitchell said his six children live in the home including his special needs son, who usually sits in his wheelchair by the shattered door.

"Regardless of the fact if it was BBs or a pellet gun," Mitchell said. "(That) could've hurt my kid."

Mitchell said it all started Monday when the 17-year-old boy approached his 12- and 13-year-old daughters outside his apartment.

"I'm a father and I ain't gonna allow that," Mitchell said. "So we asked him to leave and the guy got angry. He left, he said he's gonna be back."

Mitchell said the teen told his daughters that he was going to "shoot the place up." "They actually did it," Mitchell said.

He said he warned management at La Bella Vista Apartments but all he got in return was an eviction notice.

South Houston police said they sent officers to the complex twice Tuesday after the attack and even tracked down the 17-year-old. But they said officers were unable to prove the boy was responsible for the attack and let him go with a trespassing warning.

"I just want justice," Mitchell said. "That's all I want. We called the police. We didn't get justice."

South Houston police said a detective has been assigned to the case.

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