Source: Fake 911 call before jewelry heist

Crooks steal nearly $1M worth of jewelry from Jared's in Willowbrook, source says

HOUSTON - As the memories of the Sandy Hook massacre are still fresh, thieves may have used police fears of a copycat shooting to divert authorities while cleaning out a jewelry store Tuesday.

It happened in Northwest Houston at the Jared's jewelry store in Willowbrook.

Sources told KPRC Local 2's Phil Archer the store was filled with Christmas shoppers Tuesday afternoon when four or five armed men walked through the door.

Once inside, one of the men forced customers and employees on the floor while the others, according to sources, went through the shop smashing display cases.

Sources said one of the men kept his eyes glued to his watch, barking out the elapsed time as the crew scooped up jewelry.

In the end, the men got away with about a million dollars worth of jewelry.

"I'd have never known unless you'd told me," said Kevin Kruge, who was shopping at the store Friday. "I'm more worried when I'm walking out into the parking lot. They have a guy in there, so I feel pretty safe."

Meanwhile, police were converging on a theater about two blocks away. Just minutes before the robbery, a woman called 911 and said that a man with a gun was in the theater. The officers rushed there and found nothing.

Although the store's security cameras were rolling during the robbery, police haven't released any videos yet and haven't indicated when or if they will.

HPD robbery detectives may not be able to put together detailed description of the suspects because they were well disguised. The men's heads and faces were covered. Police have not yet said whether they suspect the robbers are connected to other robberies.

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