Sorority member kicked out for Tinder photo in tank top

Photo courtesy of WOWT

OMAHA, Neb. - A University of Nebraska Omaha student said she was forced out of sorority for a photo she posted eight months ago on dating app Tinder.

UNO junior Shannon Workman said her sorority called her in for a meeting on Sunday to address the outfit she wore in a photo she posted on Tinder. They told her it violated the "Rule of Human Dignity," calling it "provocative and risque."

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Workman was wearing a "Bid Day" tank top that her sorority, Chi Omega, gave her.

"There's nothing provocative about the picture whatsoever. It's in very good taste and not risque. It's ridiculous," Jill Workman, Shannon's mother, said in an interview with WOWT.

Jill Workman said it was ridiculous for her daughter to be called in for a photo that had been on the Tinder website for eight months.

Workman said that when her sorority contacted her about the photo, she started asking questions about how she violated the "Rule of Human Dignity."

"In my opinion, everything I said was pretty calm. (I was) basically asking questions because I was confused," Workman said.

Workman claims that the sorority's executive board has kicked out other members before, so she decided to record their personal meeting on her cellphone.

Read part of the conversation here.

WOWT reported Wednesday that Chi Omega issued a response to another news station. It reads:

"Shannon opted to voluntarily resign her membership instead of continuing the process. To be clear, her membership was not revoked."





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