Some Sandy victims exchange sex for gas

NEW YORK - Gas has been hard to come by in parts of the northeast battered by Superstorm Sandy, and some people have turned to exchanging sex for fuel.

It has been 10 days since the storm tore through the east coast. A bitter Nor'Easter slammed the area this week. That's left millions of drivers desperate for gasoline.

"After three hours, sometimes we reach the pump and there is no gas," cab driver Saghier Hussein said.

With the growing market for gas, some people have turned to the Internet to offer or ask for sex in exchange for fuel.

"Ladies -- I have 30 gallons of gas in my shed. Would exchange for service. Please send pictures," one posting read.

"Got 15 gallons of gas. Am willing to trade for some female company. How much I give up depends on what you are willing to give up. If you're interested, send some pics. Put Gas in the subject line," another posting read.

There is no telling how many exchanges of this nature have actually been made.

There is no indication when the fuel crisis in the northeast may end.

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