Some complaining of sickness from Apple iOS 7

HOUSTON - iPhone users say the new operating system animates the apps so that they fly in and out of the screen. But that motion is a little much for some users.

For KPRC's social media producer, the iPhone is a tool she uses for work. Unfortunately, she thinks it's also making her sick.

"Dizzy, nauseous. I can't seem to walk straight," said Sara Patterson.

Patterson noticed the symptoms Saturday -- about four days after installing Apple's new iOS 7 on her iPhone.

"There's nothing else that would've triggered vertigo or dizziness in me," Patterson said. "It seems like that's the only option that could have caused me to start feeling sick.

As KPRC's social media producer, Patterson is on Facebook, Twitter and other social forums on her computer and phone all day long.

It's not just Patterson complaining about the iOS system. Other Apple users are complaining in online forums.

One person wrote:

"The zoom animations everywhere on the new iOS 7 are literally making me nauseous and giving me a headache. It's exactly how I used to get car sick if I tried to read in the car."

"It's almost the same as if you're impaired with alcohol," said Patterson. "I just can't keep my balance."

In fact, at the doctor's office Patterson failed a sort of field sobriety test. And while the doctor wouldn't say it was the iPhone causing her symptoms, she diagnosed Patterson with labrynthitis - a condition that affects balance.

"I would like to go back to iOS 6. I've been told that's impossible. You can't go back to iOS 6," Patterson said.

Apple's advice to Patterson and everyone else complaining -- change the settings on your iPhone.

Go to:

  • Settings
  • General
  • Accessibility - When in accessibility, turn on tab for "reduce motion"

Patterson hasn't noticed a difference since she changed those settings Monday, but her doctor's orders are to stay off her iPhone through Friday to see if her symptoms disappear.

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