Social media changes way people enjoy Olympic games

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HOUSTON - The explosion of social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, has changed the way people watch the Olympics.

Many athletes are giving fans a close-up behind-the-scenes look of what it's like to compete in the games.

But not all of the changes have been good.

Some people are complaining about social media spoilers -- the ones that give results of competition before they have a chance to watch the event on television.

NBC has delayed showing many events, like swimming and gymnastics, until prime time.

Curious sports fans search for the results and post the information on social media platforms. That has sparked a backlash and a wave of complaints on social media.

"People are getting angry because they are seeing these spoilers," said Sara Patterson, social media producer for KPRC Local 2. "For me, I've decided to stay off Facebook and Twitter when there's a particular event I want to see … because those spoilers are out there."

Despite the spoilers and complaints, NBC is scoring big time in the ratings. Ratings are high for both the opening ceremony and popular competitions, like swimming and gymnastics.

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