Snakes, spiders more active in heat

HOUSTON - Parents listen up! You may not know it, but hidden dangers could be in your children's playground. Experts say snakes and spiders could be lurking out there."

"I suggest you start looking around before you put your kids on this playground equipment," said Claude Griffin with Gotcha Pest Control.

Spiders and snakes, just like us are looking for a cool place to beat the Houston heat and they're finding it in playgrounds.

"With these sandboxes and playground equipment, I suggest you look at it. Get up underneath it because that's where we're finding them," said Griffin.

Experts have this advice for parents. They recommend you use some tools to keep your children safe.

"It's a cool place for a snake. So what you want to do is survey the area. Look around the sand box and run a rake to make sure nothing's in there," said Clint Pustejovsky, The Snake Man.

Both venomous snakes and poisonous spiders are native to the Houston area, so never assume either are harmless.

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