Smoke Box owner shoots at teens trying to break into store

By Marisa Breese - News Producer

HOUSTON - A teenager is in the hospital Thursday morning after he was shot in the head by the owner of a store he tried to burglarize.

Harris County Sheriff's deputies said the suspects were 16 and 19 years old.

Officials said the pair tried to break into the back door of the Smoke Box on Normandy after the store had closed for the night.

Investigators said the store owner was still inside when he heard the teenagers. He went to confront them and ended up shooting the 19-year-old in the head.

Officials said the teen was rushed to Ben Taub General Hospital in stable condition.  

Deputies said the 16-year-old ran away, but a Precinct 3 deputy constable found him hiding out in a bayou behind the shop.

Officers said there was an altercation between the deputy and the boy, and at some point, the deputy pulled out his gun and fired.

The bullet missed the teenager. He was then taken into custody by the deputy.

Officers are continuing to investigate the incident.

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