Small mosquitoes cause big problems

'Stealth' mosquitoes are striking while you sleep

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - The mosquito problem is worse this year than last and can even become a problem while you sleep.

Dr. Rudy Bueno, director of Harris County Mosquito Control, said those pesky insects are getting worse thanks to recent rains in our area.

"When you have increased water, increased precipitation, it's just a natural thing to have more mosquitoes, and that's just the way it is," Bueno said.

There are 55 species of mosquitoes that Harris County experts trap and test. The most common is the culex mosquito or "stealth mosquito."

"The bite isn't as bad, people don't feel it as much, that's why it is really more of a danger because it's more stealth," Bueno said. "It's more active at night time, so when people are in their homes and there's not proper screening on their doors or windows, and they go in and out of their home, that gives the opportunity to mosquitoes to go inside the home."

The culex is smaller than a regular mosquito and can grow up to 10 millimeters, compared to a normal one that's as big as 16 millimeters.

Worse than it's bite, the culex can carry deadly diseases like West Nile.

Bueno said it really isn't that hard to protect yourself. Make sure you try to leave your doors and windows closed, or at least have screens. Basic protection like bug spray can also go a long way.

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