Singapore airline adopts child-free flying zone

Upgrade to "Scoot in silence" section of plane where no kids are allowed

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Singapore's Scoot Airlines is the latest airline to adopt a child-free flying zone.

For $14, you can upgrade to a "Scoot in silence" section of the plane where no kids under 12 years old are allowed. The child-free zone is only five reserved rows on the plane, so we hope the babies on row six don't cry too loud.

Before Scoot, Malaysia Airlines introduced a family-friendly economy seat section for travelers with kids under 12. In February Air Asia announced it's "quiet zone," the first seven rows of the plane, reserved for guests 12 and above only.

None of the airlines provide services out of Houston's Bush or Hobby airports. And so far, no US airlines have made a move towards kid-free zones in planes.

Lufthansa is going in a different direction. The German airline recently introduced new family and kid-friendly amenities, including boarding passes, but no special seating for stuffed animals and dolls.

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