Sign at Katy gun store creating controversy

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

KATY, Texas - A gun story in Katy is gaining national attention for a sign that's igniting debate and controversy by taking a jab at President Barack Obama.

The sign sits along Mason Road and reads, "I like my guns like Obama likes his voters undocumented."

There are mixed feelings about the message outside Tactical Firearms. Owner Jeremy Alcede says it all started a couple months ago.

"We're just poking fun," said Alcede. "We realized it was just a stagnant sign, not doing any good."

So instead of advertising sales, he began putting up weekly controversial messages. Despite what some critics say about this latest one Alcede says he's not a racist.

"Undocumented just means when you go to vote, you don't have to present an ID card and that could be white, black, Hispanic, Asian," he said.

This isn't the first time his store has been in the spotlight.     Last year it received national attention when Alcede talked about gun rights with rocker Ted Nugent. Some say all the talk deters customers.

"Now they look at this area like this area is racism, they don't tolerate this and it really hurts businesses all around here," said one person with whom Local 2 spoke.

But Alcede says from what he can see, it's only helping.

"Everybody says great marketing idea and that's what it started out to be, a couple months ago. Just marketing," he said.

The sign's message changes every Wednesday.  Alcede says customers can now enter their ideas for the next message, by heading to the store's Facebook page "Tactical Firearms."

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