Sick deer discovered as house pet

According to the worker, as soon as she saw the fawn, she called rescuers hoping they could save the animal

ROSENBERG, Texas - Rescuers are working to save a baby deer's life after it was found out of it's natural habitat and being kept as a house pet.

Sarah Lopez says when she first heard a deer was being kept inside a unit at the Rosenberg Apartment Complex where she works, she couldn't believe it.

But once she got a report that the deer was being let out to a patio to feed, she says she went to check it out.

According to Lopez, as soon as she saw the sick baby deer she called rescuers hoping they could save the animal.

"Just like you don't pet stray dogs, you don't pick up wildlife... ever," said animal control worker, Jackie Jurasek.

Rosenberg Animal Control Works officers say this likely started with someone thinking the fawn was injured or abandoned, but it quickly turned into something else.

Workers said the deer was malnourished, dehydrated and had missing fur from laying on concrete.

Animal Control said animals like the deer can spread disease or even injure your family.

They are now working to get the deer rehabbed.

According to Animal Control, in the best case scenario they would try to get the zoo to adopt the deer, where it can get proper care, because he will never be able to live in the wild again.

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