Shots fired in road-rage incident

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston police investigated a possible case of road rage Tuesday afternoon. 

First, officers said a wrecker truck driver called from the intersection of Winkleman and Bellaire in west Houston to report a hit-and-run wreck. Officers said the tow truck driver reported that a red car took off. 

Shortly thereafter, a source said, the driver of that red car called 911 for help, claiming he was involved in an accident while he was trying to get away from someone who was shooting at him in a case of road rage.

Police said the driver of the red car told officers that the man who was shooting at him took off and went near West Oaks Mall, where Harris County sheriff's deputies said they found the driver of a white car and a gun. The man was turned over to the Houston police for their investigation.

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