Shots fired during alleged gang member's funeral

Chaos ensues at SE Houston church

HOUSTON - Shots were fired during a funeral at a southeast Houston church Saturday afternoon, police said.

Police said the shots went off outside of the Missionary Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Boulevard at around 1:30 p.m. An off-duty police officer in attendance tried to chase after the suspects and fired at them.

Many in attendance said the shooting was gang-related. The funeral was for Robert Baptiste, who some said was a high-profile gang member. Baptiste was killed on Aug. 8.

"I saw elderly women laying on the floor who had literally been trampled by a number of young men pulling out and pointing their guns at a church," Quannell X said. "That caused further panic and hysteria among the people."

Quannell X said he warned police that something like this might happen and was told there would be officers at the ceremony. HPD said there was a police presence at the church.

Police only recovered the car the shooters were said to be driving.

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