Shots fired at Fort Bend home

Sheriff's Office investigating

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - Fort Bend County Sheriff's investigators are trying to figure who fired several shots into a home in the New Territory neighborhood early Thursday morning. 

"I heard three pops last night about 1:44 am," said neighbor Walt Falgout. "It woke me up. I looked at the alarm clock and I went right back to sleep. I thought it might be someone playing with fireworks after the Fourth of July."

According to investigators, the homeowner and his wife were home at the time. The bullets went through the window in the upstairs master bedroom, where the woman was sleeping, while her husband was awake in another room. The couple declined to be interviewed, only saying that nobody was injured.

The motive remains a mystery to authorities. 

"We just happen to think its a wrong place, wrong time kind of situation," Fort Bend County Sheriff's Spokesperson Bob Haenel said. "We've seen no reason why this particular couple would've been targeted for any reason."

"It's certainly a frightening thing to think that someone would do that for any reason," Falgout said. "That someone would point a gun at someone's house for any reason and pull the trigger."

"We can only hope that somebody may've been up at the same time in the same vicinity and spotted a vehicle,"  Haenel said. "Or maybe somebody was on foot who fired these bullets."

Anyone with information is asked to call Fort Bend County Crimestoppers at (281)-342-TIPS.

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