Shot fired by masked suspects during home invasion

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - Police say a group of armed attackers are targeting homes in southwest Houston. The most recent attempted home invasion was Friday morning.

Investigators say a masked and armed gunman kicked in a glass window at a home on Bankside Drive near Fondren and West Bellfort Street.

During this morning's incident, investigators say the suspect kicked in the glass and then attacked the 73-year-old homeowner's caretaker before running away.

"The young man tried to come in, shoot me or something but the young man who was with me, the bodyguard, was here," said the homeowner.

The victim, who doesn't want his name released, has been the victim of a home invasion now three separate times within just one month. He thinks his work with attorneys dealing with medical malpractice and workman's compensation is making him a prime target.

In the first robbery a few weeks ago, the thieves stole cash and jewelry. The second time, one shot was fired and the victim was pistol-whipped and his two cars were stolen. The pistol-whipping was so violent, he had to get 40 stitches in his head.

Police don't have a very good description of the suspects because their faces were covered each time.

There have been more than six robberies reported in this area of southwest Houston in just a matter of weeks.

"We have a bunch of names, we are just having to put all the pieces together. The problem is every time these guys are masked up so to get an ID is going to be extremely difficult," said Sgt. Clint Ponder.

The caretaker who was attacked is expected to be OK.

We'll have more this afternoon on Local 2 News.

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