Shoppers pack malls after Christmas

HOUSTON - Shoppers hit the stores the day after Christmas, but they had different missions in mind.

Some people were looking for deals on Christmas decorations while others were making returns or exchanges.

Memorial City Mall was just as packed Wednesday as it was on Christmas Eve -- the only big change was that Santa was no longer there.

"Returning things and just looking for more stuff with Christmas money," Brittany Hall said.

Stores said they're seeing fewer returns as the years go by because so many people choose to give gift cards instead of actual merchandise. With signs like "everything must go" and "70 to 80 percent off" at some stores, many shoppers are spending the money on those gift cards.

If you are returning an item, it's best to have the purchase receipt, or a gift receipt, to get the full amount paid back. At some stores, returns made without a receipt will be given credit for the lowest amount the item was offered for in recent months.

If you're headed out to the stores, pack your patience before you get there. Finding a parking spot may be tough and the lines have been long all day.

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