Shoppers injured outside grocery store

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston woman is recovering in the Texas Medical Center after she was hit by a car and pinned between it and a tow truck. The Harris County Sheriff's Office says the woman who ran into the victim was driving a gray Mercedes Benz.

They say she wasn't very familiar with the car, and when she put it in reverse, she hit the gas, and careened into several other parked vehicles before striking and pinning the victim. Another woman, also walking out of the grocery store, was hit as well. Investigators tested the driver at the scene.

"She was uninjured and she voluntarily submitted for a blood specimen," said Sergeant Mike Harvey with the sheriff's office. "We're going to take that and send it down and have toxicology done on it, but she does not appear to, at this time, show any signs of intoxication or impairment."

The victim suffered severe injuries to her legs and was taken to the hospital for surgery in critical condition.

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