Shopper followed home from grocery store, attacked outside home

Man fought back, refused to give attacker wallet

HOUSTON - A homeowner was attacked outside their northwest Houston house after they were followed home from the grocery store.

"He had a gun, he pointed it at me and said, I want your wallet," said the Oak Forest neighborhood resident, who did not want to be identified.

The man told Local 2 he was standing in the street unloading groceries from his car when a man approached him with a gun.

According to the victim, the attacker wanted his wallet, that is when the Oak Forest homeowner threw a 12-pack of Coke at him.

"Like a shot put. Right in his face," he said.

The homeowner did not give the suspect his wallet and was hit in the head with a gun.

"I pretty much knew what was going on as soon he got out of the car. So, I took a stand," the man said.

The suspect has not been caught. The homeowner who fought back suffered some minor cuts on his head.

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