Shooting suspect arrested in Montgomery County

Trey Sesler accused of shooting, killing 3 family members

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter
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WALLER, Texas - The search for a man accused of killing his family in Waller County has ended. Investigators arrested Trey Sesler in Magnolia, Montgomery County around 9:30p.m. Tuesday night.

Waller Police Chief Phil Rehak told KPRC Local 2 tdeputies in Montgomery County along with DPS and Texas Rangers helped capture Sesler, but it's still unclear what we was doing in Magnolia.
Police began looking for the 22 year old after his parents and brother were found shot to death inside their Waller County home in the 1600 block of Farr Street.
Family members had called police and asked them to check on the Seslers because they hadn't heard from them. Waller Police went to the home and that's when the gruesome discovery was made.
"They were walking around looking in the windows," said Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith. "They could observe what appeared to be a deceased male."
Once officers made entry into the home they found two more bodies. All of them had been shot multiple times, police said.
The three victims are Lawton Sesler, his wife Rhonda Sesler and their 25-year-old son Mark Sesler. Police immediately suspected the couple's younger son Trey and they began to search for him.
"Evidence was obtained and it was pretty obvious the connection of the other brother and son to these people," said Sheriff Smith.
Investigators admitted they were concerned Trey Sesler may have been armed and they considered him dangerous.
"There was a high caliber rifle used at the residence and it has not been located," said Smith. "We obviously feel he may still have it with him."
Smith also said that Trey had recently inquired about body armour.
"He possibly could have body armour and certainly could still be armed," he said.
According to neighbors, the Sesler family had lived in Waller for many years and were known to a lot of people.
Lawton Sesler, the oldest victim, had family living just down the street. His aunt Weda Frierson lived only a few houses away.
"I saw the police tape and I knew that meant something very serious had happened," said Frierson.
She told KPRC Local 2 that her nephew, Lawton Sesler, kept certain family matters private, but she was aware that his son Trey had been undergoing some kind of "treatment" and was on medication.
"I'll have to admit he was quite strange, " said Frierson. "Trey almost acted as though he didn't know us. He would be walking down the street and of course the ordinary thing you'd want to wave at your nephew, but he wouldn't look our way."
That strange behavior Frierson described may have been demonstrated online. The Waller Police identified Trey in a series of web blogs that were posted to the website youtube. In them he talks about cartoons and refers to himself as "Mr. Anime."
Trey also had a facebook page where a picture was posted of him aiming a gun directly at the camera.
Investigators in Waller County said the crime remains under investigation and they were still processing evidence collected at the scene. Police Chief Phil Rehak described the inside of the house as a "war zone" and said it's evident a violent crime took place. They still don't know the motive, although there are some reports that a domestic argument took place at the home the day before and neighbors reported hearing gunshots around 5 or 6 p.m. on Monday.
The family said the victims, Lawton Sesler was an elementary school teacher and his wife Rhonda worked at a local newspaper.
"I know my nephew was a Christian," Frierson said. "They're in heaven and I think that's the greatest comfort a family can have."

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