Ship containing chemicals used to make weapons arrives in Port Arthur

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

PORT ARTHUR, Texas - Local 2 Investigates has learned a container ship carrying some of the ingredients to make Syria's chemical weapons arrived in Port Arthur Wednesday.

The industrial chemicals, which are considered to be fairly common with legitimate manufacturing uses, were taken by truck to Veolia Environmental Services, also in Port Arthur, as part of an international agreement to remove Syria's chemical weapons and their components.

Local 2 learned of the shipment in April. Veolia agreed to give Local 2 Investigates an exclusive tour of the facility, which features an enormous rotating furnace, prior to the arrival of the shipment.

Veolia reports the following the following chemicals from Syria are slated for incineration as part of a government contract.

  • Hydrogen fluoride
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Phosphorus pentasulfide
  • Phosphorus oxychloride
  • Phosphorus trichloride

At least one protestor armed in a chemical suit and a gas mask Wednesday was not happy with shipment.

Local 2 Investigates took a closer look at Veolia's safety and environmental record. See that part of the story here.

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