Several vehicles stolen at north Houston business

HOUSTON - Car thieves seem to hitting the same north Houston business in broad daylight.

"We've had four truck thefts right here in this parking lot," said Will Birdwell, general manager of Rigs Derricks, Etc. "About 6 months ago, I had to put in security cameras. All these (thefts) happen in broad daylight."

The latest theft came Monday around 3:45 p.m. Surveillance video caught images of a gray-colored sedan pulling into the manufacturing company's parking lot.  In a span of five minutes, several men were seen getting out of the car and one of them took off with a dark blue pickup truck that was parked in the lot.

"Inside my truck was welding equipment more valuable than the truck itself," Felix Valdez said. "On the streets, that (equipment) will sell for half of its worth. All of those tools are high-dollar in the black market."
Harris County sheriff's deputies couldn't say whether the men in the sedan were responsible for any thefts other than the one that occurred Monday. 

Another employee, Carlos Trevino, said that his pickup has been stolen from the parking lot twice. Trevino said that he worries about what these brazen thieves might do next.

"If they were willing to do that in the daylight, who knows what they're willing to do at night," Trevino said.

Other area business owners said that thefts seem to be pretty prevalent in the neighborhood.

 "We had someone come in with their vehicle and physically hit the gate with their vehicle," business owner Jay James said.  "They cut the lock about two weeks ago. We've also had fuel stolen, we've had equipment stolen, trailers stolen from the facility. It seems to be a problem up and down the road."

"It's kind of hard on the working man," Valdez said.  "You got a decent job and your tools to do it with and somebody that doesn't work, doesn't care about anybody else but themselves come and steal something."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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