Several charged after Mardi Gras crowds lose control

GALVESTON - Several people have been charged after fights broke out on Galveston Island during Mardi Gras Sunday morning, police said.

YouTube video showed the party goers getting out of control around 1 a.m. People refused to leave when Galveston police said they were trying to clear the streets.

"Our officers and commanders were actually able to assess the situation," said Galveston Police Chief, Henry Porretto. "Actually take action at the appropriate time and bring the situation to resolve."

Seven people were arrested, with six facing various misdemeanors, officials said. One person has been charged with assault on a peace officer.

Police said this is the type of thing they'll try to prevent in the future.

"We'll look at doing some specialized enforcement in certain areas which would increase our capacity and ability to deal with certain situations," said Porretto.

There were no serious injuries, and no businesses were damaged, police said.

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