Security system not deterring burglars

WEST HARRIS COUNTY - One Houston-area homeowner never thought she'd be the victim of a home burglary. But that's exactly what happened this week while she was away at work.

It was the end to a string of bad days that started with a stolen credit card.

"And then I got home the day after finding out about my credit card to find out my garage had been broken into and my lawnmower had been stolen," said Lindsey, who didn't want to be identified with her last name.

Lindsey said the thief, or thieves, hopped her back fence, then walked in her garage and stole her lawnmower.

The door was unlocked. But in addition to the robbery, she said people have been knocking at her front door at odd hours during the day.

"If they are selling something, I probably don't want to buy it anyways. But if they're not selling something, I probably don't know what they want from me," Lindsey said.

Police said theft during the holiday season are on the rise. Crooks know people have presents and are looking to steal items they can sell quickly.

"I really thought I was cautious, but not enough I guess," said Lindsey.

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