Security guard says she was attacked by deaf Uber driver

By Sally Mamdooh - Reporter

HOUSTON - The video is dark, grainy and hard to make out, but it shows a woman being attacked at her workplace in December.

Ebonie Page said the man allegedly behind the aggressive encounter is an Uber driver.

The attack happened while Page was working as a security guard at the Royal Oaks Community of Westheimer apartment complex in west Harris County.

The complex requires ride-share drivers to check in with security before picking up passengers.

WATCH: Surveillance video of Uber driver attacking Ebonie Page

Virendra Desai, working as an Uber driver, pulled up to the gate to pick up a resident, according to Page.

"I was following procedures, which is: Get the driver's addresses of where they are going," Page said.

That's the point where things allegedly got violent between Page and Desai, who is now charged with assault.

Page said Desai pointed to his ears, and she realized he was deaf. She said she then motioned with her hands that she needed his license, but instead of handing it over, she said he got out and assaulted her.

"He started getting angry, and it made me uncomfortable. I just signaled for him to make the U-turn to go back out," Page said.

Page said she was terrified for her life during the attack. She was alone and overpowered by Desai, who she said was a hostile man.

"I fell to the floor. He was on top of me at one point. My hands were behind my head, and I tried to get away, and when I tried to get away, he attacked me again. He pulled (me) by my hair," Page said.

Part of the attack was caught on the security shed's surveillance camera.

"I grabbed my radio and I started to call for help. I did hit him back, and that's when he backed me up in the guard shack and the attack happened," Page said.

Pictures show the aftermath of the physical altercation.

Once officers arrived, Desai was arrested.

Page no longer works security at the complex.

"We have to arm ourselves. We have to protect ourselves. It's getting crazier by the day," Page said.

We have reached out to Uber and are waiting to hear back.

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