Secret Service raids Fort Bend County home

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - A small army of U.S. Secret Service agents and investigators with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office raided a home early Friday morning, carting away boxes of evidence and towing at least three vehicles.

While the agents participating in the raid declined to speak to Local 2, a source familiar with the investigation said the raid was done in conjunction with a credit card and document fraud investigation.

Even before the home on Barbarossa near Solano was raided, neighbors said for the past month they spotted people in vehicles with dark tinted windows watching the house.

"Me and my friend saw some lady with binoculars looking down the street," resident John Lemon said. "(I said) somebody around here is doing something bad."

Other neighbors told Local 2 Investigates when they would drive by the vehicles parked on the street the people inside would quickly duck down.

"We knew they had to be some type of law enforcement," said a neighbor who declined to be identified.

Two men were also seen being placed in handcuffs, but agents declined to state whether the men were being formally charged with a crime. Neighbors said the family who lives in home is from Cuba and recently moved into the neighborhood.

"I don't even know their names," said another resident who asked not to be identified.

"All the cars going by all the time, different times of night, always home," said Lemon, referring to activity he witnessed at the home. "Every day there'd be different types of cars pulling up with different people."

A woman who lived in the home declined to answer the door and another woman seen with one of the men who was detained declined to answer questions.

Officials with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office said they would release more details about the case on Monday.

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