Search resumes for father, son missing near San Luis Pass

Both went underwater, never resurfaced

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas - The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended their search  at San Luis Pass in Brazoria County for two people who went underwater and never resurfaced.

"We hear about these things all the time and you would never think you'd be in this kind of situation," said Artricia Jackson, a family member of the victims. "My brother-in-law, my 10-year-old nephew were out here earlier this morning and my nephew was taken out by the current."

Chandler Stothart, 10, was playing with his best friend on the sand bar when the family said they jumped in and were struggling to stay above water.

The family said Chandler's father, 48-year-old Raul Stothart, and the other boy's father, jumped in to help.

"He was in the water and his father saw that he was in trouble so he went out to help him, and they both haven't been seen since 9 (Sunday) morning," said Jackson.

The other boy and his father made it out safely.

This time of year, the Coast Guard said they see more and more incidents of people going into the water and never resurfacing.

On Friday, 18-year-old Chris Jackson went missing in the same area after he was hit by a large wave. The U.S. Coast Guard has suspended their search for Jackson.

The Coast Guard also wants to remind people to abide by all signs that show the water's condition or signs that show no swimming.

"Ya know, you come out to have fun during the holidays and yet you still have to worry about safety as well," said Marvin Jackson, a family member of the victims.

A U.S. Coast Guard spokesperson said they hope to find everyone alive. They said they could survive up to five days in the water.

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