Search continues for driver who struck teen with car during brawl

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Witnesses say the driver of a car was reckless and hit another girl before hitting a 14-year-old girl during a fight outside of Cullen Middle School in southeast Houston.

Debrianna Hunter, 14, suffered a broken hip, broken ribs, a broken leg and internal bleeding.

According to witnesses, the fight started after posts were made on social media via Instagram.

"At first it was between two girls," said Kira Perkins, who was also hurt during the fight. "The fight just got bigger and more people started jumping in. Then I saw this woman get into her car and she just started driving real fast. She hit one girl and then ran into Debrianna," she said.

The fight and hit-and-run was caught on video. According to investigators, a female driver plowed her silver dodge into the crowd of teen girls and young women. Officers have solid leads on who the driver is and the name of the passenger. 

The family believes the driver is reckless and should be arrested. "She is an adult," said Aurelia Hunter, who is Debrianna's mother.

"Who does that? Who comes to a fight and then tries to fight some kids," she said.

Many of the girls suffered cuts and bruises, officials said, but Hunter's injuries were so severe the middle schooler is still in the hospital after three surgeries.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Houston police at 713-773-7070.

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