Score hot deals at top summer vacation destinations

Amy Davis reveals some of the best times to book hotels when planning your travel

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - We're revealing the secrets to scoring hot hotel deals at top summer vacation destinations.

Just like with the airline industry, travel industry insiders say how much you pay for your hotel depends on when you reserve your room.

The folks at travel website say they've figured out the best times to book, for the best deals.

Heading to Vegas? Kayak says prices start to fall within 30 days of check-in; so don't book any earlier than one month out.

You'll find the cheapest rates for New York City the week before check-in.

Booking four to five months out could save you nearly 30 percent in Chicago.

And if Orlando's calling you, book no earlier than three months before check-in.

"They do have lots of information and analytics," said President and CEO of Houston's Frosch Travel, Bryan Leibman.

He says Kayak likely gathered the data from hotels booked on its own website; but he warns, in the travel business, history doesn't always help you predict the future.

"It may be something that is valid today. It may not be next week," explained Leibman. "Obviously these things are changing all the time; and these complex algorithms are changing all the time."

Leibman also says many people don't realize how much travel agents negotiate on your behalf to get you lower airfares and hotel rates.

He says they look at the same trends for when to book, but they also count on relationships with hotels and airlines to try and get better deals.

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