School doors locked after suspicious person spotted

HOUSTON - The doors at three Cy-Fair Independent School District campuses were locked on Thursday after a suspicious person showed up on school grounds.

School district officials said the person was spotted at the Alternative Teaching Center, 19350 Rebel Yell, about 10 a.m.

Officials said the person was seen coming out of a subdivision behind the school. According to Principal Stacie Wicke, the person stopped and stared at a group of students lined up outside the gym. One of the students asked the person "what's up" and the person pulled something out of his front pocket and fired a shot into the ground, Wicke said.

The man then ran away. School police ran after him, but they lost him in the subdivision.

School officials said none of the witnesses could tell how old the person, only described as male, is, and they could not tell if the object in his hand was a gun.

The doors to the school were locked, and two nearby schools, McFee and Jowell elementary schools, were told to do the same. The campuses were not on lock down, school district officials said.

"We had to turn off all the lights and get under the desks and be quiet," student Chris Beaudoin said.

School district officials said the students gave them conflicting descriptions of the person.

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