School bus driver who crashed into tree won't face charges

By Aaron Wische - Senior Executive Producer

HOUSTON - Local 2 News has learned the driver of a privately owned school bus that crashed earlier this week will not be criminally charged.

That driver and 19 students were injured after the bus hit a tree in the Memorial area.

We first told you on Wednesday that Houston police were looking into Norma Galan's driving record. Local 2 has now confirmed Galan did not have a valid license when she drove that school bus into a tree.

The 51-year-old woman will not face criminal charges, but Houston police did issue two citations Thursday. Galan will be cited for failure to maintain a single lane of traffic and she'll also be cited for driving without a valid license.

Records obtained by Local 2 show her license expired in May 2012. She told investigators a mechanical problem caused her to lose control.

Local 2 has also discovered the company that owns the bus involved in Tuesday's crash is not properly licensed to operate in Texas, but we saw another bus registered to the same company picking up and dropping off students at Paul Revere Middle School on Wednesday, the day after the crash.

Houston police said they are still investigating the cause of the accident.

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