San Jacinto River flood causes roads to be impassable

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Travel through parts of the Northshore neighborhood, south of Kingwood, has been reduced to folks with four-wheel drive -- the kind you ride in and the type you ride on.

Several roads in the community have become impassable because the nearby West Fork of the San Jacinto River has breached its banks because of our recent rainfall.

Water is covering all of Ashlee Harmon's property, sitting just inches outside her home. With the river expected to rise even more, Harmon has brought in a moving truck and loaded up the valuables she want to keep safe.

"Packing and unpacking is nothing compared to the cleanup that we'll have to do if it gets in the house," said Harmon.

Some of the residents have lived in the area near the river for nearly 30 years. They've seen serious flooding before. They say they'll handle this flood like ones in the past.

"You know it's coming, you just don't know when," said Joe Hall, Ashlee Harmon's brother-in-law. "So you have signs you look for, and you prepare yourself, and get ready. That's why we got the big truck here. It's on standby. Any minute we're out of here."

"The kids have lots of four-wheelers and dirt bikes," said Harmon. "So when the water gets in the backyard we start moving them. It's just part of being on the river."

Two other neighborhoods on the south side of the West Fork also are being affected by flooding. They are the Riverside Crest and Belleau Woods subdivisions.

The Harris County Flood Control District advises anyone who has not left their home to stay inside unless they are instructed to evacuate.

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