San Jacinto River crests after flooding homes

People along San Jacinto River face tough work ahead

HOUSTON - Families who live along the San Jacinto River finally got good news as the river crested and they began the clean-up process after last week's devastating floods.

Flooded roads near Highway 59 in Kingwood were impassible on Sunday, but the water was gone by late Monday morning.

In other parts, the river has crested after days of taking on the excess water from Spring Creek and Cypress Creek. The river took so much excess water that it left nearly 3 feet of it in some homes.

The houses have an incredible amount of damage after the deluge of water.

"I've been through hurricanes, but not floods. This is the first one," homeowner Rocky Derrico said.

Shelly Clarke said she's going to have to rip out the entire first floor of her home and start from scratch. She said she already has contractors waiting to begin the work.

"We're going to get it torn out and get it rebuilt," Clarke said.

Many people fortunately had flood insurance, but others like Brian Harmon did not. He said his check did not get to his insurance company in time, so he is not covered for all the repairs he will have to do on the home.

"Right now, we're trying to tear out all the flooring -- wood floors, carpet, sheet rock -- everything to dry the house out," Harmon said. "I've got five kids that live in the house and we're just trying make everything back to normal for them."

He said he thinks it will take about a month for everything to be back to normal.

The Harris County Flood Control District said it expected the San Jacinto River to be below its banks by Monday afternoon.

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