Sales for bulletproof backpacks soar

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HOUSTON - Demand for a bulletproof backpack is skyrocketing after the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

Amendment II, a Utah-based company, makes children's backpacks lined with a light material that can stop handgun rounds.

"The armor is just in the back panel," said Rich Brand with Amendment II. "The concept came up as things happened in schools. Children need protection as well."

So many orders have come in recently that the Amendment Two website has crashed several times.

Some Houston-area moms believe a bulletproof backpack is a good idea.

"It's something I would buy in the future," Maria Taylor said.

But the president of the Houston Police Officers Union said "buyer beware."

"It's an overreaction," Ray Hunt said. "It's horrible. I don't believe any of those children -- if they had this type of backpack at that school would have been saved."

Amendment II said the backpacks cost $300. For more information, visit

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