Rosenberg Police Department officers' FB post goes viral

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

ROSENBURG, Texas - If you follow the Rosenberg Police Department on Facebook, you know they are very active in their postings. One of their posts Thursday has gone viral and is getting views from around the world.

The video is the department's latest attempt to humanize its officers. The video shows officers Aerial Ronell and Ranell Roy in a patrol car lip synching to Katy Perry's smash hit "Dark Horse."

"We actually want to be able to show people that we're just people, just like everybody else," said Ronell.

"The message is that we're not the enemy, we're the friends of the community," said Roy.

The video is all the buzz on social media, becoming an instant sensation the moment Rosenberg police posted it on the department's Facebook page, getting more than 4.5 million views and counting. It's also been shared more than 24,000 times.

"If we can get people to laugh then we can gain cooperation from the public. They view us just like they would view anybody else," said Sgt. Ariel Soltura, co-creator of the department's Facebook page.

The officers say if the message from their video resonates with even just one person then it's mission accomplished.

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