Romney wins Republican-dominated Texas

Harris County voters evenly divided

AUSTIN, Texas - Mitt Romney overwhelmingly defeated President Barack Obama to carry Republican-dominated Texas, but it wasn't enough for him to win enough electoral votes to become president.

The state's trove of 38 electoral votes went to Romney. Only California has more electoral votes than Texas.

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The vote was extremely close in Harris County. With 100 percent of Harris County precincts reporting, Obama won with 585,451 votes to Romney's 584,866 votes -- a difference of 585 votes.

Neither candidate spent much time or money campaigning in Texas, though Obama once jokingly said that Texas could someday vote for a Democrat. Republicans hold every statewide office in Texas and control the Legislature.

Both candidates attended large fundraisers that raised millions for their party and campaigns.

Shortly before midnight, Romney conceded the race to Obama.

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