Parents of child found in Peach Creek located, Roman Forest police say

ROMAN FOREST, Texas - Melodie Maddux is all smiles now, thanks to two 12-year-old boys -- who likely saved her life.

Melodie, 4, wandered away from home and fell into Peach Creek.

The boys happened to be in the area.

"They saw the girl playing on the other side of the creek, she tried to swing on a limb, fell into the water and she looked like she was drowning," the Roman Forest Police Chief said.

The boys, Markuise and Cameron, pulled her to safety and ran for help.

Ricky Duke was sitting in his truck nearby.

"Young man pulled up on a bicycle and asked me to call 911. Said they just pulled a little girl out of the creek," Duke said.

Duke said he wrapped the little girl in his jacket, brought her into his truck and put on the heat.

"She was shivering, soaking wet. I had to get her warm," he said.

For a while police didn't know who she was, or where her parents were.

They made a social media post asking for help, and eventually located Melodie's mom and dad.

"I thank the families of the little boys who found her and made sure she didn't get hurt," Melodie's mother, Melissa Maddux, said.

Melissa was at work and says her daughter was at home with her step-dad.

"We have to keep a close eye on her. She's got autism and we just found out about it. She likes to wander off and do her own things sometimes," Melissa said.

Melodie is going to be OK, and tonight everyone is giving the credit to the quick actions of the two boys.

"Great young men, I'm glad they were there, this could have been a whole lot worse," Duke said.

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