Rodeo provides scavenger hunt

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor
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HOUSTON - If you're looking to tour Reliant Center, have some fun along the way and score a prize, we have just the event for you!

Owen and I had the opportunity to go on the new Scavenger Hunt around Reliant Center.

It's a new twist on an old concept -- this scavenger hunt is all via text messages.

The rodeo crew makes it fun and easy. You text in the phrases you find at each location.

We started in the middle of all the action, headed to the AGventure, Rodeo East, through the booths to the Ford area then to the Shell booth.

It's a great way to meander through all the shopping, food, animals and educational booths. After a half hour of trekking around the center, Owen and I completed the challenge and took home our prize, a new Houston Rodeo key chain.

For those who want to start at the beginning of the scavenger hunt, the first questions will be at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's Social Media Hub, located in Reliant Center on the southwest corner of the Main Arena in Hall C.

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