Rockets fans excited about new season

HOUSTON - Fans showed up to the Toyota Center in droves Saturday night to be part of the Rockets excitement.

In the end, the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Rockets 95-85. Nevertheless, the Rockets were 18,000 strong.

Much of the frenzy at Houston's basketball season opener was centered on two names: James Hardin and Jeremy Lin.

After the Rockets garnered their first two wins on the road, fans finally got their first glimpse of the team's newest superstar in person.

"What's up, just a little tribute to our newest star James Harden baby," one fan with a beard said.

"It's so great. We all love James Harden," another fan said.

"We gotta support him…gonna grow my beard too, may take me longer than it took him," a James Harden supporter said.

As a packed arena hoped for a Blazer beatdown, the Rockets faithful were also pumped to see the other big-name Rocket in action.

"Jeremy Lin! Look at Jeremy Lin!" a fan said.

Lin had 13 points and seven assists and Harden led the Rockets with 24 points.

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