Rockets draft; Texans 2011 moves; Gold Cup

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The NBA draft used to be a night you'd mark on your calendar but it's lost some of it's luster over the years. I believe the influx of young entries and foreign players nobody knows about has caused the drop in interest. It's too saturated now and how often, outside of the top 5 or so will be impact players on a team?

Not many.

The Rockets are slotted for 14 and 23 in the first round Thursday. If they stay, don't expect the players to be of any immediate help. GM Daryl Morey needs to move up and I'm told that attempts have been made and continue to be made . How nice would that be? The lockout will kick in soon and who knows how long that will last. I have heard December and January by those that get their paychecks from teams. That will be disasterous if it's that long. The league needs an upgrade on PR and this won't only continue the disconnect with the fans. Lot of empty seats at arena's across the country is a sign of fan apathy.

Now to our Texans. I had a good conversation with Gary Kubiak 2 weeks ago as he and I did a charity event together. We got to talk about the lockout, his summer schedule and planning for camp when it does open. Kubiak told me for a while now he and his staff have had their schedule mapped out and ready to go. That's a good sign. Now we just need some football.

By now, the Texans should of had OTA's, mini-camps, etc completed and on break until later in July. I asked Gary even though players are working out in groups , what scares you most as a Head Coach and staff?

" They are working out but it's not what we'd be doing every day out here," Kubiak said. "It's just not the same and hamstring injuries are going to be a concern when we resume."

The Texans have to prioritize and it begins with a shutdown cornerback like Nnamdi Asomugha. He's hands down the best in the business and is shopping his talents. When the labor deal is done, the bell will ring and Asomugha will have the chance to go anywhere he wants.

MEMO TO BOB MCNAIR/RICK SMITH: Have your cell phone on speed dial and call him immediately. Mr. McNair, you have the money and now is the time to spend . Pony up the 15-20 million it will take to land Asomugha and get the man to Houston. Send your plane with Andre Johnson aboard and make him a Texan.

Now, after spending big bucks, there will be more checks to write. To be a Super Bowl contender you have to spend money and spend it wisely. Fullback Vonta Leach needs to get his deal and stay put and if Matt Schaub goes down, you'll also need a dependable backup with experience. I'm not sold on Matt Leinart but if he bolts you've gotta find someone else. There are some other holes on the line as well that are important . Would be nice to keep em' all but that may not be feasible. PRIORITIZE, PRIORITIZE AND PRIORITIZE.


Finally…Gold Cup Semi's are at Reliant Wednesday. USA/Panama at 6pm then it's Mexico/Honduras at 9pm. If you like soccer or want to experience a World Cup feel this will be the place to be . It's sold out and the stadium will be rocking on Wednesday night.

Thanks to Texans President Jamey Rootes of Lone Star Sports and Entertainment, Dynamo President Chris Canetti and Dynamo forward Brian Ching for coming on SPORTS SUNDAY last night to preview the big week.

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