Robbers strike four times in three-mile radius

Suspects stole wallets, phones, credit cards

HOUSTON - A robbery spree in north Houston was cut short after deputies pulled over a van Tuesday morning and discovered the culprits who they say were responsible for four robberies in a three mile radius and within a 45 minute time span.

One man said that he stopped to get gas before work around 6:20 a.m. when a masked man in black jumped out of a white van and put a gun to his face.

"He told me to give him my keys, then he ask me for my phone and I kept backing away," said the man.

The victim told Local 2 that he was pleading with the suspects not to shoot him because he "had a wife and kids." Seconds later, the suspects took off. Police said this wasn't the only crime scene.  Investigators said there was also a robbery at a Water Burger, a Chevron Gas  Station and at a furniture store, where a woman was robbed at gunpoint.

Stolen merchandise, stolen credits cards and multiple wallets and purses were found in the green van that was stopped by Precinct One Constables, who said they tracked down the suspects after they attempted to buy gasoline with a stolen credit card.

According to investigators, after the pulled the van over, there was a strong odor of marijuana, which prompted a full search and arrest.

Police said none of the victims were physically hurt during the robberies.

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